Publishing content

How do I publish a news article, resource, event, course or scholarship?

All content can be edited and created from your dashboard. Visit and sign in with your EducationID to manage content for your business or school, or to publish articles and resources from your personal account.

What can I upload as a resource?

You can upload a whole range of resources for teachers to access via EducationHQ, including videos, lesson plans, factsheets, and educational posters. Video content can be included by providing either a Vimeo or YouTube link. PDFs are the best format for text-based resources.

What can’t be included in the resources section?

Through EducationHQ we hope to provide teachers with a dynamic and easy-to-use library of classroom resources. In order to keep our resource collections as user-friendly and valuable as possible, there are some things we can’t include here. These include advertisements, links to other websites, brochures, book or app reviews, testimonials, and resources which have little or no relevance to the Australian curriculum. You may be able to include some of these resources on your company listing page instead.