Future of Learning Series: The Learning Process, Empowering all Learners

Event by Danielle Kutchel
Date March 5, 2018 - March 5, 2018
Time 9:00am - 3:00pm

If we take two common learning tasks that most people engage in their lifetimes and compare them, we begin to see how the brain uses different learning systems to achieve different learning outcomes. Learning to read and write is a very different task from learning to drive a car, however from a cognitive perspective, they are both equally demanding, but in very different ways. Interestingly, after only a few hours in the driver’s seat the learner driver is managing the driving process with relative ease (which may not be the case for the parent instructor!).
After the same amount of time, our emergent reader/writer is still struggling to remember the shape of just a few letters of the alphabet. One process takes 50+ hours to comprehend and apply, and the other takes 3-5000+ hours! What could possibly explain the vast difference in the speed and success of these two learning processes?
In an era of exponential growth in knowledge and understanding, the greatest ability we can afford anyone, including those within our schools, is to gift them the capacity to learn independently in the most effective and efficient way possible – via the Learning Process.
In this presentation, Mark will challenge your thinking about learning and how learners best learn, based on recent neuroscience research regarding how the brain learns. Understanding the Learning Process provides educators with the capability to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning for all learners.

Learning Network NZ, Corner of Universal and Soljan Drive Henderson
New Zealand