Primary Classroom Strategies: Develop Student ICT Capability Today

You will learn how to enhance the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy with effective ICT teaching strategies that will develop student ICT capability today.

Type Short course
Course length 4 hours
Delivery Online - On Now


You will learn how to successfully integrate ICT into the primary classroom and curriculum by using teacher-tested strategies that will ensure optimisation and progression of student ICT capability.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding how students learn with ICT;
  • Optimising opportunities for development of ICT capability;
  • Determine your own capabilities and gain an insight into its role;
  • Develop an ICT capable classroom using proficient classroom practices;
  • Perceive the importance of a whole-school approach in ICT capability development;
  • Manage student transitions effectively;
  • Facilitate student capabilities;
  • Select the appropriate tools for learning;
  • Progress student capabilities with less stress and;
  • Create an inclusive classroom learning environment.

Completing this course will contribute to 4 hours of NESA registered PD addressing 2.6.2 and 3.4.2 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maitaining Proficient teacher level accreditation.

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