Dr Russell Quaglia and Dr Kristine Fox

Community / Last contribution 30 Apr 2020

Russell is a pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student voice and aspirations. His innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications and media appearances. He has authored the School Voice suite of surveys and best-selling books, including Student Voice: The Instrument of Change and Engagement by Design. His most recent award-winning publication is a children’s book, Cay and Adlee Find Their Voice, which was written with his daughter, Cali. His commitment and lifelong dedication to student voice led him to being a co-founder of the recently formed Australian Institute for Voice and Aspirations. Russell has become a frequent visitor to schools and institutions around the world, demonstrating his passion for ensuring that students', teachers’, principals’ and parents’ voices are always heard, honoured, and acted upon. Dr. Kristine Fox is a Senior Field Director at the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations. She has led professional development initiatives at the state, district and school level throughout the United States, Canada, and England. Dr Christine Fox is a former school administrator and author of several books, including Aspire High: Imagining Tomorrow’s School Today and Parent Voice: Being in Tune With Your Kids and Their School, as well as the ASCD quick reference guide Student Voice in the Classroom. Dr. Fox’s passion for learning and supporting educators includes advising doctoral students as a committee member.