Schools Excursion, Incursion & Camp Guide

Most people can reflect on their own school experience and recall at least one remarkable excursion, incursion or camp that they went on. These experiences beyond the four walls of the classroom often allow students to step outside of their comfort zones and experience the theoretical content of the curriculum in a hands-on and exciting way.

Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide

Whatever the reason, the Schools Excursion, Incursion and Camp Guide is the perfect place to get started. It is packed full of ideas on where to go, what to see, and how to get the most out of the experience while you’re there. We’ve partnered with many organisations who arrange these trips and run programs, to make it easier than ever to connect with the right people and the right places.

We hope you find this a valuable resource when planning your schedule for the school year. The world awaits...

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