Vote for Australia's Unsung Hero - Drama & Media teacher

After receiving hundreds of entries in our Unsung Heroes competition, it was incredibly hard to whittle the list of worthy recipients down to just five. Now it's your turn to decide. Which one of the five shortlisted Drama & Media teachers below do you believe to be Australia's most deserving Unsung Hero? (Please note: Voting closes at 17:00 AEST on December 9, 2019.)

Drama & Media Teacher


Here are this year’s final nominees:

Sarah Crone

Deception Bay State High School, Queensland

Nominated by Asiah Finau

Sarah always goes the extra mile with us drama students! She loves each and every one of her students and always finds new ways to make our drama lessons fun. She has actually inspired me to be a drama teacher as well. Please consider her SHE IS AN AMAZING, INSPIRING TEACHER!


Hayley Horskins

Valley View Secondary School, SA

Nominated by Jamie Maniero

Hayley is a newly graduated teacher, and is in her third term of teaching at Valley View Secondary School. In such a short amount of time she has managed to put on a whole school musical with no budget and no previous drama curriculum. The show was a success and the participation and dedication shown by the school students was immense. 


Bradley Chapman

Saint Stephen's College, QLD

Nominated by Micheal Ware

A few years ago, Bradley noticed, as many drama teachers have, that boys tend to be relatively scarce in the drama classroom. This scarcity is a shame because boys naturally engage with the content in drama when the choose to study it, and drama can teach boys lessons about empathy, integrity and humanity - a lack of which contributes to the gender divide that is prevalent in our society. 

Bradley has used his in-depth understanding of boys' educational psychology to empower his male students to embrace drama and challenge the social discourses and hierarchies that usually deter them from it. In his school, Bradley's research-based practices have led to a significant increase of boys in drama. Boys now represent over 60% of students who study drama in his school (the national average is 33%) and this enrollment is now rivaling PE - a traditionally male-dominated subject area.

In addition, Brad has looked beyond the school gates to increase external opportunities for boys to engage with theatre, through both independent and community theatre companies. Brad's work with such companies seeks to empower and engage young men to challenge unhealthy forms of masculinity and embrace their own unique passions and ideas. 

Motivated by his desire to empower boys outside of his own context, Brad has delivered seminars to teach other teachers how they might implement changes to their own school systems to increase the male enrollment in drama. He has spoken at drama and theatre education conferences, as well as gender education conferences, about this topic and his strategies.

Samantha Fletcher

Southport State High Independent Public School

Nominated by Mandy Robbins

Sammy has created multiple opportunities for students in media this year.  Beginning with the formation of the media club, Sammy has encouraged her students to develop their media production skills by participating and documenting school events.  Sammy has also engaged students in extra-curricular media pursuits, such as the Race Around Ekka, for which our students won two categories and the school was named best overall. Sammy is always willing to support the arts faculty, providing her expertise in recording and promoting events.  She is a caring and a respected mentor to her students.


Sharon McCutcheon

Batemans Bay High School, NSW

Nominated by Chantal Bradshaw

Sharon is an inspirational teacher. Her bond with students is evident in all that she does. Welfare of students is at the forefront while never compromising academic rigor. Sharon takes the time to mentor students and to involve them in extracurricular and authentic activities.


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