Personal hygiene activity pack for teens with special needs

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Personal hygiene can be a challenging topic to discuss with students in life skills and special education settings. As students get older, it is useful for them to become more independent in managing their own personal hygiene and taking responsibility for tasks such as organising their laundry, washing their hair and checking their clothing is appropriate for the activity.

This pack of personal hygiene activities can be used:

  • as a quick checklist for students to record whether they can already complete a skill
  • as a matching task for building vocabulary skills by matching visual cue cards with the printed word
  • as a memory game by placing visual cue cards upside down and turning over two cards at a time to find a match
  • as a tool for prompting discussion about personal hygiene needs
  • as an activity for sequencing by using verbal prompts such as 'First, then...'


The activity pack includes a printable yes / no checklist, a page of visual cues and a page of topic related vocabulary words for:

  1. managing underwear
  2. brushing teeth
  3. washing hair
  4. doing sport
  5. taking a shower
  6. doing the laundry
  7. getting dressed
  8. shoes and socks


This activity pack can be used to build personal hygiene skills and knowledge of related vocabulary for students with mild to moderate disability, students who are on the autism spectrum and students who are building speech and language skills related to personal independence and hygiene.

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