Health myth busting

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Subjects & Topics "Personal, social and health education", "Cross-curricular topics / Keeping healthy", "Whole school / Health and safety", "Personal, social and health education / Healthy lifestyle", "Personal, social and health education / Drugs and alcohol", "Personal, social and health education / About you"
Year Levels Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
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There are lots of myths doing the rounds online which are related to health topics, including but not limited to COVID-19. Many of these are shared on social media, and can be a potential risk for young people or adults who gain much of their information through forums, chats, groups and posts.


This resource is a quick and easy slide show that can be adapted to suit the age and needs of your class or group. It shows students how to:

  • think about health information critically and carefully
  • use strategies to help spot a myth
  • identify reputable sources of information
  • think about dangers with products and medicines around the home


Although this resource is useful for prompting discussion and online research related to COVID-19, it is also relevant for other health related topics such as vegetarian and vegan food trends, weight loss and healthy eating which may be covered in topics including data analysis, health literacy and scientific method in health, FACS or science.


The slideshow can be used for prompting discussion, and also includes activity prompts to encourage students to do their own research online or write notes about their learning. It can be used as a support for learning in various settings, or for individual tasks. It is best suited to teens and young adults, and can also be used for adult learning settings.


The resource can be edited to help you meet the needs of your group or learning situation. Please do not sell, reshare or republish this resource.

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