Business Management Year 11 and 12 Growth Mindset Printable Cards

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Growth mindset has long been a feature of elementary teaching, but all too often we forget how important it is for senior students too!


  • Do your Business students know the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset?
  • Are they able to apply a growth mindset to their Business Management course?

These printable growth mindset cards are designed specifically for senior students in Business Managment and related course areas. They address the very real issues faced by many Business students - lots of content, a need for creativity and entrepreneurship skills and diverse curriculum requirements all packed into a short space of time. While we routinely expect elementary students to master growth mindset skills, it is all too easy to forget how critical they are once students reach the senior years. These growth mindset cards show students how they can quickly replace fixed mindset thinking with a growth mindset statement that is specifically designed for the Business area of study.

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