Are you job ready? Printable employability (soft) skills quiz for teens

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Core employability (soft) skills are vital for teens wanting to move into a workplace. Most employers nowadays are looking for employees who are able to demonstrate they can meet many employability skills, which apply to various work areas. Building these skills in high school can help prepare young people for the world of work and set them up for success.


The core employability or soft skills identified by employers include:

  • Manage career and work life
  • Work with roles, rights and protocols
  • Interact with others
  • Communicate for work
  • Connect and work with others
  • Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives
  • Plan and organise
  • Make decisions
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Create and innovate
  • Work in a digital world

What to do:

Students can use this printable quiz to help them begin thinking about their own current employability skills and what they can do to build their skills as they move towards becoming a worker. Teachers can also use the quiz as an assessment tool to help them understand the level of student understanding of core employability skills.

This quiz works extremely well when it is completed in sections over a number of lessons. Students can complete each section of the quiz as they learn about core employability skills and how they can build on their skills to help increase their job prospects and write more effective resumes. There is a reflection and goal setting page where students can evaluate their own performance and think about what they can do to plan for the future.


This resource is ideal for use in Business Management, Career Education, VCAL and Work Education classes.

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