Are you interview ready?

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This self assessment quiz is perfect for young people to help them discover just how 'ready' they really are for a job interview. Many young people find the experience of going to their first (or second, or third!) job interview quite daunting. They are worried they won't know what to say or do, how to answer the questions and of course, whether or not they will get the job. Provide some extra support for your Year 9 and 10 students before they head out on work experience or a vocational placement, so they are able to walk into an interview with confidence rather than being a bundle of nerves!

This easy to use 12 page resource covers the all important topics of personal interaction and communication, social media use, organisation, body language, community involvement and goal setting. Each printable page includes a checklist for students to use, along with a short and long term goals page related to each of the checklist areas. 

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