PPE Quiz - Job readiness skills for teens and young adults in work experience or vocational programs

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For young people, beginning work can be a dangerous time. They are exposed to a variety of risks in a workplace and they need to understand what simple strategies can be used to ensure they are safe. Personal and protective equipment is just one way of improving workplace safety, and young people should be confident in identifying PPE items, using them during a work task and asking for help if they are feeling unsure about how to use their PPE.It is vital that they have a good understanding of the Personal and Protective Equipment (PPE) which can help them remain safe as they complete work tasks.

PPE training helps build awareness of:

•What PPE is available
•How to match PPE to a work task
•What to do if there is a problem with using PPE

PPE training is just one component of workplace safety. Young people can complete this quiz to highlight areas where they are unsure, or to prompt discussion about what to do if there is a PPE problem in their workplace. The PPE quiz can also be used as a class starter or bell ringer activity to help you plan future learning for students in vocational, career readiness or work experience classes or as a tool to reinforce knowledge.

There are 18 questions and answers are provided with the quiz.

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