First Aid Interactive Notebook Templates

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Interactive notebooks are used in many areas of the learning program as a tool for supporting individualised student learning. They are a great way of building skills for learners who are learning English as an additional language, as part of a Life Skills program or within a Food Studies, PE or Health Education Program.

This interactive Notebook approach to First Aid will support learners to:

Consider their own learning styles and preferences
Consolidate their First Aid skills
Develop strategies for learning key concepts
Work in pairs and small groups
Reflect on their own learning
There are printable template pages that cover CPR, identifying dangers, DRSABC, burns, calling for help and memorisation strategies to help reinforce First Aid skills and knowledge. Teachers can print and copy the pages, then show students how to paste them into an interactive notebook and number their pages using the table of contents. This creates a notebook that can be shared between teacher and student, making for rapid assessment of work completed and a more interactive journey through learning. 
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