First Aid Scenarios to discuss and solve - differentiated for multi ability levels

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Scenarios are a great way to practise First Aid skills!


These printable scenarios include:

responding to a life threatening emergency

  • using DRABC to assess a person
  • managing a cut
  • managing an embedded piece of glass
  • responding to an animal bite
  • helping with a burn from boiling water
  • dealing with dehydration and headache
  • managing hayfever and asthma
  • recognising the need to call for emergency or adult help

The scenario cards can be quickly and easily printed onto A4 card, with a black and white version available for those without access to a color printer or copier.


Each First Aid scenario contains a short description of an incident where First Aid is required. There are seven scenarios, and each scenario contains two different text versions to allow for differentiation within the class or group. Version A contains simpler language, more straight forward scenarios and more guided prompts and questions. Version B has more complex language, challenging First Aid scenarios and more open ended questions and prompts to encourage higher order thinking and problem solving.

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