The State Government announced yesterday that the school term will end four days early, with April 6-9 being student-free days.

This is to enable teachers to prepare a model for online learning next term.

The AEU’s Tasmanian branch called for student-free days to begin from Monday instead.

"It's some recognition by Peter Gutwein of teacher health and preparation concerns but it's not enough soon enough," state president Helen Richardson said. 

"Premier Gutwein needs to apply the leadership he showed in shutting Tasmania's borders early to our schools."

The State Government will provide students with online ‘safety net tests’ to enable them to meet the Everyday Adult Standards in Reading, Writing and Communication in English, Mathematics and Use of the Computers and the Internet from home.

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) is currently investigating the assessment of practical courses such as Drama, Dance and Outdoor leadership, as well as community engagement or workplace requirements.

“I am mindful of the current uncertainty, but will ensure that students are not negatively impacted as a result of the pandemic,” Rockliff said.

“Senior secondary authorities across Australia have agreed to adopt processes to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.

“I would again like to thank all students, families and teachers for their support during this period, my ongoing commitment is to ensure we work together through the challenges presented and ensure student achievements are recognised.”