STEM Education Conference 2022

Informa Australia
By Informa Australia
Community contribution / June 22, 2022

The 9th Annual STEM Education conference, taking place on 26-27 July 2022, will assist educators, government and industry to create valuable partnerships to prepare students with STEM skills for future employment.

School news / Environmental concerns soar among young people

Young people are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, Mission Australia’s new Youth Survey Report 2022 has revealed.

School news / Burnt out or depressed? Study on teachers calls for redefinition of burnout

The statistics show burnout is rife within teaching, but are large swathes of Australian educators running on empty or actually, are they depressed?

School news / Young people want more tax talk in schools

Young Australians want schools to teach them how to understand taxes, super and government processes rather than being thrown in the bureaucratic deep-end when they reach adulthood.

School news / ‘Very unlikely to be effective’: Wake-up call for school mindfulness programs

A massive new study suggests that school-based mindfulness programs in Australia may be doing more harm than good.

School news / Extra teacher-only days for NZ schools shouldn't be a ‘one-off’: union

Primary and secondary school teachers will get four additional teacher-only days over the next two years as the refresh of the national curriculum and redesign of the NCEA Change Programme are implemented in schools.

School news / Schmidt Futures, the Rhodes Trust and Public Education Foundation Announce New Cycle of Rise Applications for Brilliant Teens to Join the Global Rise Community

Winners of the 2023 Rise Global Challenge Will Join 200 Past Winners Worldwide To Receive Access to a Lifetime of Benefits

School news / Sport at school boosts kids' wellbeing

Getting kids to move in maths class might be just as important as playing soccer during PE.

School news / 'Fatal current of illiteracy': Noel Pearson slams nation's failure to adopt the science of reading

In 2018, while fleeing police pursuit, 16-year-old Chris Drage drowned in Perth's Swan River, along with his best friend.

School news / National bullying guidelines needed: expert

Australian teachers need more guidance on how to properly handle bullying at school, one researcher has argued.

School news / School placements cause serious financial stress for preservice teachers: union

The financial stress brought on by mandatory unpaid school placements is turning preservice teachers away from the profession before they hit the classroom, Victoria’s teachers’ union has warned.