Ocean Life to Outback

By Ocean Life Education
Community contribution / October 24, 2017

Ocean Life Education headed inland to some remote townships in South East Queensland to bring our wonderful marine animals to children who have never had the opportunity to see these animals in their natural environment.

Careers / USYD's CREATE centre thinking outside the box

Do schools kill creativity? It was the daring question posed by Sir Ken Robinson back in 2006 and it has sparked more than a decade of campaigning for more creative classrooms. But how far have we come?

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Two teachers of Italian have been announced as this year’s winners of the Italian Education Awards.

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A landmark study has found that Australian schools are failing up to one in three children and young people.

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More NSW schools have received online threats that have disrupted students doing their HSC biology exam.

School news / Evacuated HSC students won't be penalised

The thousands of Sydney students who had their HSC exams interrupted by bomb threats won't have to re-sit the test.

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Schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way parents respond to educational programs.

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Emotionally-charged, potentially ideologically riddled and buoyed on by mounting research papers, The Reading Wars – the ongoing debate over the best way to teach children to read – is a hot (and complicated) space to inhabit.

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Media Literacy Week has kicked off in Australia and teachers are encouraged to take advantage of a range of free resources to help their students better understand misinformation and ‘fake news’.

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A new study has seen researchers exploring the impact of anxiety on learning maths, finding that boosting student confidence is pivotal to greater engagement with the subject.

Opinion / It’s time girls saw female superheroes with technology, not damsels in tech distress

They say actions speak louder than words but in some cases the language teachers use in the classroom can say just as much and be teaching our children lessons we do not realise are being taught.