Primary schools across Australia and New Zealand will be encouraged to enter and compete for the chance to win a share of over $25,000 in cash and prizes.

The value of these prizes makes the Matific Maths Games one of the most valuable maths competitions held for Australian and New Zealand schools. The prize pool will be split between schools, teachers, classes and students, and with plenty of prizes and cash up for grabs, this is an extraordinary opportunity for any school which wishes to participate.  

The competition provides a welcome opportunity for schools to top up their budgets in the second half of the year and inject funds whilst helping kids learn maths and have fun all at the same time. Friendly Trans-Tasman rivals Australia and New Zealand will both have a chance to share in the prize pool.

There will be an initial ‘warm-up’ period which will run from 6 August 2019 to 12 August 2019 and is designed to give teachers the opportunity to become familiar with the platform before starting the competition. The competition is based on participation and the collection of Matific stars. Points are awarded to schools with the highest number of stars per student, which means schools can compete on a level playing field.

It is not all just fun and games though; there is sophisticated pedagogy that underpins each ‘episode’ included in Matific’s suite of curriculum-driven games. The resource has been getting excellent results and making inroads in the Australian and New Zealand education systems.

Associate Professor Catherine Attard, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University, conducted a research study on the effectiveness of using Matific in the classroom. Her study revealed that the overall improvement index across all schools involved was an impressive 34% and that it was “clear from the data gathered from students and their teachers that engagement with mathematics improved as a result of using Matific.”

Matific provides teachers with a resource that is designed to empower young learners by presenting maths in a fun, simple way so children can learn at their own pace, improve their confidence and skills, and develop a lifelong appreciation of how to use maths in the real world.

Matific is at the forefront of maths education and is available in 50 countries and 30 different languages. It also has an option which allows an individual language to be programmed for kids for whom English is not their first language, making the resource even more inclusive.

Brent Hughes, former teacher and Teacher Educator at Matific said, “By participating in the Matific Games and collecting stars, we hope that the students will find doing maths a joyful experience. We want them to learn and have fun at the same time, and help their school win one of the many prizes on offer.”

The Matific Games is a great opportunity for schools that have not yet had the chance to trial Matific to do so in a fun, educational and competitive way. Registration is free, so visit and register your school today!

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