Australia’s leading architects, builders, specifiers, schools, museums, shopping centres, and churches have already successfully trusted Select Staging Concepts with their Australian Made & Owned certified Stage projects.

For nearly two decades, we are the proven Australian specialist in the design, manufacture, and installation of Permanent and Portable Staging Systems, Stage Access Ramps and Staging Accessories to Australian schools – all designed to Australian Standards.

Every school enquiry and project, the design team at Select Staging Concepts provide a simple, economic, and effective Staging solution - we specialise in solving dilemmas for small spaces, odd shaped spaces, or even multi-level event school spaces.

We work with Architects and Specifiers right from the start of a school project so the road to completion is an easy path – PLUS, the successful result is a custom-made Australian guaranteed Stage, Access Ramp, and Stage Accessory system for every school big and small.

Why make it hard for yourself by not choosing a local supplier and manufacturer?

Providing exceptional customer service before, during and after delivery, plus repeatedly proving the many benefits schools experience with our Australian Staging, places Select Staging Concepts at the forefront of Australian Staging suppliers. A win-win solution!

Choosing our “Australian Made and Owned” certified Stage systems also allows specifiers to fulfill the important local content percentage criteria – how many Stage suppliers can guarantee this benefit?

Contact the Select Staging Concepts team right from the start of any school Staging project - we successfully design and manufacture exactly what you need - you don't have to resort to accepting a premade “cookie cutter” imported stage system which severely limits event and performance options.