An Ocean Friendly Christmas

By Ocean Life Education
Community contribution / December 10, 2019

Ok, so you’ve reduced, reused, recycled this year; said “no” to plastic straws; diligently dragged cloth shopping bags to the checkout for your groceries, and generally tried to be an environmentally sensitive global citizen…

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Eighty-three per cent of public school teachers spend their own money on essential school supplies, according to a new survey by the Australian Education Union.

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Evolutionary biologists identify just two styles of leadership – the dominator and the influencer. As current world events have shown, these styles have different levels of effectiveness. So how do they play out in schools?

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This year has already been one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes for all Australians.

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The thought of changing careers is intimidating enough to scare many into sticking it out in the same job for years, no matter how unsatisfying.

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What happens when you introduce Māori and Pāsifika peoples’ rich history of mathematics into the curriculum?

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School camps are set to return for regional Victorian students in Term 4.

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Climate Schools is a program designed to prevent alcohol and cannabis use and reduce related harm in adolescents. A new study sought the input of high school students to update it. They said it could be improved with shifts in language, deeper bac...

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Imagine having the opportunity to be the foundation principal of a brand new $127 million high school on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

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Australian students are well-positioned to overcome the challenges posed by remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

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A Year 1 pupil in the school where I was teaching just wasn’t making progress with her speech.