AAMT 27th Biennial Conference

The AAMT conference is a highlight in the mathematics education calendar, attracting more than 500 national and international delegates – classroom teachers, education researchers, policy and decision makers, and community, industry and business leaders.

Date July 9, 2019 - July 11, 2019
Time 9:00am - 5:00pm

Mathematics educators are looking to demonstrate the practical and workplace applications of mathematics to stimulate the interest of students. The conference will give teachers the opportunity to present their creative ideas to captivate students with rich tasks, modelling, STEM, and practical activities, as well as looking at the direction of mathematics education in the future and how this will impact on curriculum and pedagogy.

Brisbane offers a great opportunity to relax with your colleagues, friends or family so enjoy the sights of Queensland, before, during and after the conference.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Somerville House 17 Graham St
South Brisbane QLD