Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory (MTANT)

Professional development / Last updated 3 months ago

MTANT may be the smallest maths teachers’ association in the country, but that doesn’t stop the passion of the members and the enthusiasm of the executive to organise professional learning events and student activities.

All members are volunteers. MTANT is affiliated with The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), with the charter to support and enhance the work of teachers; promote the learning of mathematics; and represent and promote interests in mathematics education.

MTANT’s affiliation with AAMT is important, as it offers opportunities to be involved in national mathematics projects, and contribute to the ‘national voice.’ Through MTANT and AAMT, Territory teachers are involved in the reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry Project, with a cadre of ‘champions’ participating in the Leading reSolve Program.

MTANT offers free membership to tertiary students, as a way of attracting and engaging the next generation of teachers into its professional community.

Matt Skoss,

Treasurer, MTANT