Temora High School

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Temora High School (363 enrolments) is a co–educational high school that provide quality education in a rural setting. Located in the NSW Riverina, one hour north of Wagga, Temora High School draws students from Temora and the surrounding districts and has an established and productive relationship with its feeder primary schools, especially Temora Public and Temora West Public schools. It has an established reputation for academic and sporting achievement and plays an active role in the community.

School programs cater for the divergent needs of students including a Support Unit with multi-categorical and autism classes. The school aims to develop in students: a sense of social responsibility; a caring attitude to others and confidence in social interaction; a sense of personal responsibility, self-reliance and self-esteem; and a sense of achievement by providing opportunities for all students to realise their potential in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.

The school’s focus is currently on:

  • creating a stimulating and engaging learning environment underpinned by high expectations, quality feedback and assessment to accelerate learning,

  • developing an aspirational learning culture using the Berry St Education Model and Head Space – Be You programs to supports the cognitive, emotional, social and physical wellbeing of students, and

  • fostering effective, collaborative and meaningful partnerships with parents and community.

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