Casula High School

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Casula High School is a coeducational, comprehensive educational setting that currently has 950 students enrolled, including 4% Aboriginal students and 60% students from a non-English speaking background. The staff and parent groups at the school have a deep commitment to the school and the growth, wellbeing and learning of all students. Student motivation and achievement are enhanced through excellent quality teaching and learning programs, welfare structures and support programs that enhance the intellectual, creative, leadership, social and physical skills of students. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a vibrant and committed student body that holds a high profile and plays an active role in the school. The staff and students are guided by the school values of courage, courtesy and concern, as these core principles support students as they strive to reach their full potential.

Casula High School is a Positive Behavioural and Intervention Supports (PBIS) school and also has a support unit consisting of one mild intellectual disability class, two autism classes and one moderate intellectual disability class. For more information visit our school website

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